About Us

Many people have fallen out of love with themselves due to experiences they have gone through, listening to other people's opinions or idealising what they see in the media. It has now become a thing where there are restrictions on how far being the individual that you are can take you in life

I personally have been in many situations where my value as a strong, independent and capable woman has been undermined. I was bullied in my teenage years which left me feeling low, worthless and unloved; I felt alienated and couldn't see a way out. However, through motivating and encouraging myself, I overcame my bullying experience and now the things that my bullies made me hate about myself are now my best assets. 

Taking all of this into consideration, the idea of EmpowerCo came as there is a need to Empower, Motivate and Encourage others to love themselves regardless of what they have gone through, while also seeking more from life. I want people to feel Empowered to reach new levels than they ever thought were possible. When people are wearing our EmpowerTees with quotes on positivity on them, our aim is that they will feel constantly reminded that they can freely be whom they want to be while loving them-self enough to do so. We will create mainly women's clothing but plan to expand into other fields.  
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